Weekday Brunch at Café Touché

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4531712245_9bb434c7c5_bAlert the presses! Café Touché is now offering brunch Tuesdays through Fridays. Why wait til Sunday to enjoy classic French cuisine in an authentic bistro setting. Now you can join us for an authentic French brunch on weekdays and weekends. There’s no excuse to miss out on your daily dose of French cuisine. Choose from our wide selection of traditional French breakfast and lunch options. Feel free to spice things up with a refreshing cocktail (you’ve earned it).

With so much to do on a sunny Chicago weekend, brunch at Café Touché is the perfect way to kick the day off! Ready for some brunch, click here to make your brunch reservations for this Sunday or from Tuesday through Friday. Interested in our brunch menu, click here to view our weekly brunch offerings! Bon apetite!